Feature Friday #8 – Tha Black Knights @ThaKnights (London, Ontario)

Tha Black Knights is a group consisting of artists from Ontario Canada, and Lagos Nigeria; Combining talents together to give a broad and highly versatile form of music. This group is a versatile force that focuses on bringing the new-age and real Hip-hop into the music scene. Tha Black Knights artists are Rappa Bowy Blake Angel and Blaca. Tha Black Knights (TBK), has been busy with shows in the south-western part of Ontario, taking over the scene like a storm, making new fans and shooting towards the limit and sky is the limit for these guys. They keep on promoting and re-kindling the flame and are not planning on stopping at any time soon.TBK just released their newest EP titled “CODE BLACK” on iTunes and every other media stores out there and getting international recognition in Asia and Africa, Europe and North America. For more information of TBK you could check our other pages and sites:

Get Tha Black Knights EP on ITunes today! http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/code-black-ep-ep/id542482866



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